Cogumelos Vermelhos

by Sir Gabriel

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released January 8, 2016



all rights reserved


Sir Gabriel Macapá, Brazil

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Track Name: 1 Ghosts & Saints
- 1 Ghosts & Saints -
He woke up with the celestial light that came through the stained glass windows.
And the penumbra.
And forms walked by the hall. They walked between the benches. And the halo highlights the cross in the middle of the Cathedral. He didn’t know why he was there, but it was beautiful.
Track Name: 2 Cathedral Ghosts
- 2 Cathedral Ghosts -
He got on his feet and tried to communicate with the ghosts. Had some awe. They saw him but they seemed don’t realize him as someone different of them. If he could not answer for the fact of being there, he better finds out it outdoors, doesn’t he?
Track Name: 3 Wooden Heart (O Bosque)
- 3 Wooden Heart (O Bosque) -
In the Woods, the lonely Traveller met the Keeper Spirit, the Pan, the Faun Guard, which comfort his heart with a flute, a natural and divine sound.
Track Name: 4 O Bosque (level 1)
- 4 O Bosque (level 1) -
Then the Traveller continued his journey through the forest. He wanted to find his friends, get to some place he didn’t know where it was or how it was. So, he decided to stop and look around: insects, bugs, the sway of the trees. He started the walk, wiser this time. And decided to not give up this journey. Didn’t know what he seeks, but it was very important and had to find it.
Track Name: 5 Untitled
- 5 Untitled -
Some time on walk he came to a fire with dancing beings on a kind of ritual. Ghosts, fauns, dwarfs, leprechauns, fairies, giant and tiny creatures, drinking and eating and celebrating that night until the sleep veil falling over their eyes and thoughts...
Track Name: 6 Obscura
- 6 Obscura -
And had a dream. He saw her, and was a God?
She was horrible, and wonderful, and terrific, and intimidating. Soft and dangerous. And breathed into him something, but the Traveller was not sure if understood. Everything repeated/repeated/everything repeated/repeated everything. It tuned and detuned. And Obscura opened her eyes and said something, but when he started to understand...
Track Name: 7 Depréssion (1ª transição)
- 7 Depression (1ª transição) -
The morning was sad. The ritual funeral and the melancholic shadows. Time to go, follow his journey.
Track Name: 8 Blue Ghost
- 8 Blue Ghost -
The Traveller crossed with a blue ghost. He didn't need to speak, somehow he felt its sadness and comprehended it despite he doesn’t even know why he met that blue impression.
Track Name: 9 O Bosque (level 2)
- 9 O Bosque (level 2) -
The Woods seemed more mysterious and invited to unveil its secrets...
Heard and felt.
Inspired and expired
Wet his feet in the stream and crossed it with a burden on the soul that could not explain. But it led to a fountain. It was a flower held between his fingers. And deposited it in the water source. And saw it go.
Track Name: 10 Fatigue
- 10 Fatigue -
The Traveller was tired, and he decided to stop as soon as he could. He camped in a field of rye or something. Since he closed his eyes and let the night take the reins of the universe ...
Track Name: 11 A Manhã no Campo (New Beginnig)
- 11 A manhã no Campo (New Beginning) -
The Traveller opened his eyes, lazily. The sun shined so wonderful, but he didn’t realize it. The cold wind, the food he had, the fire with boiling water.
The first sunbeams didn’t touch him, as yet the tall trees deprive him.
Then he got sad with that, like sun would never touch his skin again.
And it did.
The Traveller left the whole camp backwards.
Track Name: 12 Stupéfait (2ª transição)
- 12 Stupéfait (2ª transição) -
This time he felt all the sweat and pain of pursuing and continue forward without knowing where he would come, but always believing. Only the burden was heavy, and his will not shook.
Track Name: 13 Trumpet of Regret
- 13 Trumpet of Regret -
The Traveller walked through a funeral. A funeral where each one buried there a regret. Regrets in love, in attitudes and situations. And the coffin was lowered to the sound of several claims. Never to be remembered.
Track Name: 14 Forest Ghosts
- 14 Forest Ghosts -
Then it was a new adventure. Ghosts, several among the trees, coming up from the floor, coming down from the treetops, riding or flying aimlessly, what a mess! And they marched up the hill!
At the tone…
All went mad and left on the shot as random dictated.
He just watch.
He. Just. Watch.
So he realize that they lead him to the top of the hill, and then he jumped.
Everything got dark. And wet. He had jumped into a river and when he looked back, they waved because they were friends. And he trusted them.
Track Name: 15 A Busca Pelos Cogumelos Vermelhos
- 15 A Busca Pelos Cogumelos Vermelhos -
The Traveller went out in a stream and walked through the rocks. The nymphs enchanted him with their beauty, and he followed the sound. They were fauns, goblins, fairies, ghosts, many ghosts. All divine. The rocks, the trees, moss and dried leaves. And later on saw what he wanted. He had found. were those little red mushrooms. And he didn’t know what to think. Just to feel.
Track Name: 16 An Ending (a trilha continua a mesma)
- 16 An Ending (a trilha continua a mesma) -
Then the Traveller was back in the carriage of someone, looking at what he left behind, with the mushrooms inside his bag. It was already time to face the trail ahead. And he headed for a new journey.